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Economic Results of Financial Intermediation 1st - 4th quarter of 2011

Code: e-9405-11
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Methodological NotesWordPDF
Brief analytical commentsWordPDF

Financial intermediation, total
Tab. 1 Selected economic indicators of monetary and insurance institutions, totalExcelPDF

Banking monetary institutions
Tab. 2 Employees and wages in banking monetary institutionsExcelPDF
Tab. 3 Assets and liabilities of banking monetary institutionsExcelPDF
Tab. 4 Selected financial indicators of banking monetary institutionsExcelPDF

Non-banking monetary institutions
Tab. 5 Employees and wages in non-banking monetary institutionsExcelPDF
Tab. 6 Assets and liabilities of non-banking monetary institutionsExcelPDF
Tab. 7 Selected financial indicators of non-banking monetary institutionsExcelPDF

Investment companies and investment funds
Tab. 8 Employees, wages in investment companies and investment fundsExcelPDF

Financial leasing companies
Tab. 9 Employees and wages in financial leasing companiesExcelPDF
Tab. 10 Assets and liabilities of financial leasing companiesExcelPDF
Tab. 11 Selected financial indicators of financial leasing companiesExcelPDF

Insurance companies
Tab. 12 Employees and wages of insurance companiesExcelPDF
Tab. 13 Assets and liabilities of insurance companiesExcelPDF
Tab. 14 Selected financial indicators on insurance companiesExcelPDF
Tab. 15 Non-life insurance in insurance companiesExcelPDF
Tab. 16 Life insurance in insurance companiesExcelPDF

Pension funds
Tab. 17 Employees and wages of pension fundsExcelPDF
Tab. 18 Assets and liabilities of pension fundsExcelPDF
Tab. 19 Selected financial indicators on pension fundsExcelPDF
Tab. 20 Supplementary pension insurance (selected indicators on pension funds)ExcelPDF
Published: 30.4. 2012
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.