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Consumer Price Indices (Cost of Living) - detailed breakdown December 2012

Code: e-710344-12
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Contact: Ing. Pavla Šedivá
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Methodological notesWordPDF
Short commentaryWordPDF

Tab. 1 Consumer price index (12 division) ExcelPDF
Tab. 2 Breakdown of consumer price index (Households in total)ExcelPDF

Consumer price index by classification COICOP - detailed information
Tab. 3 Households in total (Previous month = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 4 Households in total (Corresponding period of the last year = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 5 Households in total (Average 2005 = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 6 Households in total (December 2011 = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 7 Households of pensioniers (Previous month = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 8 Households of pensioniers (Corresponding period of the last year = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 9 Households of pensioniers (Average 2005 = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 10 Households of pensioniers (December 2011 = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 11 Households living in Prague (Previous month = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 12 Households living in Prague (Corresponding period of the last year = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 13 Households living in Prague (Average 2005 = 100)ExcelPDF
Tab. 14 Households living in Prague (December 2011 = 100)ExcelPDF

Harmonised index of consumer pricesWordPDF

Consumer Price Indices were up to year 2010 coded as w-7103
Published: 25.1. 2013
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.