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Gender: Demography - data

Population by sex, age and marital status, 31 December 2012Graf
Persons with citizenship of the CR by age groups, 31 December 2011Graf
Foreigners with residence permit by sex and age, 31 December 2011Graf
Structure of first marriages of grooms and brides, 31 December 2012Graf
Contribution af the age group to the difference in life expectancy between 2001 and 2011Graf
Heads of two-parents and lone-parents families by age, 2012Graf
Households by age of head of household, wife or common-life woman, 2009Excel
Two-parent nuclear families by number of dependent children in 2011Graf
Share of heads of households of individual on all types of households by sex, 2012Graf
Structure of persons as heads of households of individuals by age, 2012Graf
Households total and households with children, 2008 - 2010Excel
Two-parent nuclear families by number of dependent children, 2010Excel
Time series
Share of persons younger than 15 years in the CRGraf
Development of Total fertility rate in selected yearsGraf
First marriages by age of groom and brideExcel
Trends in life expectancy at birth in selected yearsGraf