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Czech Statistical Office: Czech National Quality Award Winner for 2009

The Czech Statistical Office was announced Czech National Quality Award Winner for 2009 in the Public Sector category. The Czech Quality Assessment Association – non-governmental and non-profit organization – based on the assessment criteria used for the European Quality Award, awards the prize.

The award is a result of more than five years of systematic work aimed at the improvement of quality of products and services and also quality of processes and management. In the CZSO, the total quality management (TQM) principles have been applied systematically on a long-term basis and the top management by all means supports and initiates these efforts. However, without the initiative and wide acceptance of these principles by the prevailing majority of its staff the progress reached and appraised would not be possible.

Since 2003 the Czech Statistical Office has been applying consistently the TQM principles which were and are gradually implemented in all the TQM areas: user focus, output quality, respondent unburdening, employee involvement, process effectiveness, fact based decision making. These areas are fully reflected and covered in fundamental strategic document of the CZSO “Mission, Vision, Strategic Goals and Sub-goals adopted already in 2004. Since 2005 the CZSO reports regularly on the progress in all the TQM areas in the document “TQM activities of the CZSO in 200X” and also in its annual reports.

External assessors grant the Czech National Quality Award on the basis of the evaluation of the self-assessment using the EFQM Excellence Model. For the first time the CZSO prepared the “Report on the CZSO self-assessment by the EFQM Excellence Model” for the year 2005. The Office took part for the first time in the competition for the National Quality Award for 2007 with its Report for the reference year 2006 and scored 250 points or the “bronze medal” in the Public Sector category. For the “Report on Self-assessment …” concerning the reference year 2007 the Office was awarded 376 points in the National Quality Award competition (year 2008) and won the “silver medal”. “The Report on Self-assessment …” for the reference year 2008 received 464 points in the 2009 competition. The Czech Statistical Office was awarded the “gold medal” and became EFQM Recognized for Excellence Organization.

Jiří Křovák