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Intrastat - Basic information

For data collection, you can use the INTRASTAT CZ electronic form or paper form. The paper form is here.

NOTICE: There is a new electronic application called InstatDesk for data collaction from January 2012. You can find further information on the pages of General Directorate of Customs
Information on electronic data collection, transmission of forms and their receipts, you can obtain from the Customs Authority in Olomouc on the following phone numbers: (420) 261 331 997, (420) 725 101 542.

E-mail: intragrc@cs.mfcr.cz, j.novotny@cs.mfcr.cz

The CZSO does not collect the forms; it is done by the Directorate General of Customs. If you have a technical question or a question regarding methodology of data collection, do not hesitate to use contacts at the Ministry of Finance – Directorate General of Customs.
If you are interested in tax issues, use the website of the Czech Tax Administration.
For conversion of the invoiced value use exchange rates of the Czech Customs Administration.

Reporting units (providers of statistical information) that do not report the data for Intrastat to the respective Custom Office but dispatch/receive the commodities in the total value exceeding CZK 100 000 at selected combined nomenclature codes (liquid fuels) - see article 4 and 5 of the Annex No.2 of the Decree No. 201/2005 Col. as amended - send the declarations to the Czech Statistical Office.

To the address Český statistický úřad (Czech Statistical Office), Odbor statistického zpracování Praha (Statistical Processing Department Prague), Na padesátém 81, 100 82 Praha 10 there shall be sent the declarations in documentary or electronical form which shall state the data according to the legal provisions of the articles 4 and 5 of the Annex No. 2 to the Decree No. 201/2005 Col., on the statistics of exported and imported goods and the manner of communicating information on trade between the Czech Republic and other Member States of the European Communities as amended by Decree No. 563/2006 Col. and by Decree No. 393/2008 Col.
Intrastat declarations on the prescribed forms shall be submitted by the reporting unit (provider of statistical information) so that the Czech Statistical Office would receive the declarations by the tenth business day of the month subsequent to the reference period at the latest.