Census 2021

45 thousand Czechia inhabitants has dual or multiple citizenship

The updated data from the 2021 Census on citizenship are now complete for all inhabitants, including those with dual or multiple citizenship. There were approximately 45 000 of these living in the Czech Republic at the time of the Census. The vast majority of them had citizenship of the Czech Republic and one foreign country.

In accordance with a uniform methodology applied in all EU countries, the resulting tables classify persons with dual or multiple citizenship into one country of citizenship in the following order: Czech Republic, other EU Member State, other European country, other country outside Europe. Data on citizenship are in Census taken exclusively from the population register, respondents did not fill is this data on the Census questionnaire. The data on all combinations of citizenships available in state administrative data sources have been processed.

 The foreigners covered 4.7% of the population in the 2021 Census. Among them, the highest proportions of the population were persons with the citizenship of Ukraine (1.4%), Slovakia (0.9%) and Vietnam (0.5%). Residents with foreign citizenships from EU countries accounted for 1.6% of the population and 3.2% from non-EU countries.

The published results, including tables and cartograms up to the level of regions, are available on the website www.scitani.cz. The data for all territorial units up to the level of municipalities and municipality or administrative districts is available in the CZSO Public Database. Complete data is available for download in open CSV format at Census 2021 Results - Open Data webpage (Czech only).