Census benefits
The 2021 Census is a source of otherwise inaccessible information about life in our country. Your answers can significantly affect the further development of the Czech Republic. The results are widely used, for example, in the preparation of housing programs, infrastructure development or for planning of better service availability. They also help secure the correct capacities in medical facilities or kindergartens, help create flood protection measures or help prepare intervention-readiness plans for firefighters.

Enumeration can be completely contactless via the Internet or using a paper form. You can enumerate yourself in a safe and easy way from 27 March to 11 May, using this website or our mobile application. This is all possible online, from anywhere without any contact with the Census enumerator. Enumerate not only yourself, but your whole family as well.

If you do not enumerate online, you will have to fill out a paper Census form from 17 April to 11 May only by persons who have not enumerated themselves online. You will receive the Census form together with an envelope from the Census enumerator or at any Census contact point. Submit the completed form in an envelope at the post office or via mailbox.