The help contains all the necessary information to fill in the Census form correctly. You can find detailed instructions for every question and video instructions on how to fill in the electronic and paper Census form.
For foreigners and ethnical minorities, there are translations of the paper form in seven other languages to be used as instructions (only the Czech original form is to be filled in and submitted). You may find answers to the most common questions in the frequently asked questions section. In case you have further questions, you may also use our Census 2021 chatbot in the virtual counseling center or contact a Census contact center call operator on your phone or e-mail.
Video tutorials
How to fill in an electronic or paper Census form? Watch the video and see how simple and quick it is.


You can turn on the subtitles for the video guide.

You can turn on the subtitles for the video guide.

Electronic census form

The electronic Census form on our website and mobile application contain simple instructions for each individual question designed to help you fill in the Census. You may also find the user manual and help useful.

Census form in foreign languages
In addition to Czech, the online form is available in seven other languages - English (PDF, 2,1 MB), German (PDF, 2,1 MB), Polish (PDF, 2,1 MB), Russian (PDF, 2,1 MB), Ukrainian (PDF, 2,1 MB), Vietnamese (PDF, 2,1 MB), Romani (PDF, 2,1 MB). Translations into the above-mentioned foreign languages are prepared for foreigners and ethnical minorities.
The original Czech paper Census form is intended to be filled in and submitted, the translations are to be used as instructions only.
Contact center
Call operators in out Census contact center will answer questions from 12 March to 11 May 2021, daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. They communicate in Czech, English, and Russian on the following phone numbers: +420 253 253 683 (an ordinary land line) or +420 840 30 40 50 (a chargeable white line), in chat, and via e-mail The +420 253 253 683 infoline is a standard land line (fixed phone line), on which the caller pays a phone charge according to his/her usual personal tariff. When you call this phone number, you can use free minutes from your personal tariff. The +420 840 30 40 50 infoline is a so-called while line, which is chargeable with an increased rate (tariff) according to the price list of your phone service operator/provider. When you call this phone number, you cannot use free minutes from your personal tariff.