Census 2021

Place of work/school

The largest proportion of employed persons (almost 30% with a recorded place of work) worked at a different place in municipality of usual residence and another 21.6% worked in another municipality in the district. The group of employed working at their place of usual residence was significantly represented as well (19.6%). For students the most predominant place of school was at a different place in the municipality of usual residence (60.8% of students with a known place of school). A similar proportion of employed form students attending school in another municipality in the district (21.8%).

Employed total - including working students

For working students only place of work was collected, not place of school.

State, Cohesion Region, Region, District, Administrative district of municipality with extended powers, Administrative district of the capital city of Praha, Municipality, City part


ULK ZLK VYS STČ PHA PLK PAK OLK MSK LBK HKK KVK JHM JHČ Počet mužů na 100 žen (index maskulinity) 94,0 97,7 99,0
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